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Managed Mastodon Hosting

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Are you ready to get started with your community?

How it works

Whether your community is of 5 people or 10,000, we have a hosting plan to meet your needs.


For only $14.99/month, you can have your own Mastodon server.

Need help?

We will handle all updates and server maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about any troublesome tasks!

What is Mastodon?



Each Mastodon instance is independent, and anyone is free to run their own.

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Microblogging Network

It’s a microblogging social network that brings the control back to your hands.


Open Source

Mastodon is free, and its code is open-source

Build your community and be independent of Facebook, Twitter and Co.

Effortlessly launch a fully managed Mastodon instance.

Rest easy, as we handle the installation, configuration, encryption, security, backups, real-time monitoring, and software and OS updates for you

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Fully Managed Mastodon Hosting

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We provide you a hosting platform tuned and optimized to run Mastodon.

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Mastodon comes pre-installed and secured on all Honeytreetech.com Mastodon plans.

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Servers are kept updated and run the latest stable release of Mastodon

Need some help?

Get in touch with us. We’re ready to give you all the help you need and anytime you need it.

Mastodon Hosting FAQs

Mastodon is a very popular social networking web app similar to Twitter, except that you can run it yourself. 

We offer a complete managed hosting solution for Mastodon and various other applications. 

We handle everything from installation and configuration to encryption, security, backups, real-time monitoring, and software and OS updates.

Absolutely. We maintain a custom firewall tuned for the needs of Mastodon.

Yes! Managed cloud hosting is designed for growth. You can quickly adjust resources to match your website’s demands, ensuring smooth performance even during traffic spikes.

With managed cloud hosting, you get 24/7/365 support. Whether it’s a technical glitch or a simple query, our dedicated team is always ready to help you out.

Definitely. We take care of the technical back-end, you maintain full ownership and control over your Mastodon server.

Yes. We have a set of security best practices that they automatically enforce, which can include firewall configurations, regular security scans, and more.

Absolutely. We offer custom migration services to ensure a smooth transition of your Mastodon instance to our hosting platform.